Baby Bug’s Birth Story

Baby Bug's Birth Story

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As I sit here nursing the newest little love of my life, I realize I haven’t blogged in over three months! I have written dozens of editorials in my mind over that time ranging in topics from bad drivers to vaccines. But, since my hormonal mommy self is likely to incite some outrageous commentaries with those topics (and that same hormonal mommy self can’t handle criticism atm!), I thought I would just talk about the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time….I became mama to the most perfect little boy. Here is Baby Bug’s birth story!

I guess I should start this story in October. My body decided to be an over achiever and jumpstart pre-term labor on October 19. I was 34 weeks along and definitely nowhere ready to have a premie in my life. It was a Sunday and Hfoe happened to be working. I took the nugget to church and after service we headed to the farmer’s market. I started cramping, but didn’t really think much of it since I had been having prodromal labor for a couple of weeks and just thought maybe this is how my second term pregnancy was going to go. After the farmer’s market we went to the grocery store for a few things and that’s when the contractions picked up the pace. I decided we needed to leave quickly and go home to lay down to try to stop them. That’s exactly what we did and after an hour long nap, I was woken up by severe contractions. I called Chuck’s babysitter to come watch Chuck because I knew I needed to go in. Her mama drove me┬áto the hospital and I was admitted. They monitored me for several hours and watched as the contractions got stronger and closer together. We called the hubster and he headed uptown toward L&D. Breathing through each contraction, I just kept praying that the contractions would stop and that bug would cook a little longer. Once it had been a little bit of FOREVER, they finally decided to give me a shot to mature baby’s lungs and another shot to slow the contractions. It worked almost immediately and within the hour I was no longer contracting. Hooray! No early baby today! Take that uterus!

I went home on orders to stay in bed or at least on the couch as much as possible. Really? With a two year old? There is only so much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse we can endure! But, I did my best and at 36 weeks, I was set free! I realize some mamas are on bed rest for months and I have no earthly clue how they due it. Mad props to you, ladies! Once I was off bed rest, I rushed around trying to prepare things for the imminent arrival of our newest addition. Because of course he/she was coming any day now since he/she had tried to break out early, right? Wrong. One week passed. Then another. All the while my blood pressure was starting to creep up and then it sky rocketed like it did when I was pregnant with C….a sure sign of Pre-eclampsia. An induction date was set for Friday, November 21 and my whole soul cried. I so, so, soooo didn’t want to go the induction route again this go round. It seemed so unnatural with Chuck and it took FOREVER because my body was completely closed and NOT ready to have a baby. This time, however, my doctor assured me it wouldn’t be so bad. When I went in for my 38 week appointment on November 17 I was already at a 1.5 and about 30% effaced. He stripped my membranes and said to walk, and walk, and walk if I didn’t want to be induced via pitocin on Friday. So, I did just that. I walked the neighborhood, the grocery store, the park. Charlie was DONE with walks! Monday ended and the contractions weren’t progressing. Tuesday came along and nothing was happening. I took C to dance class where one of the other moms professed the benefits of castor oil. I said no. Gross. That stuff is the devil.

But, desperation makes a crazy person do crazy things. So, I downed it in a glass of orange juice, willed myself not to puke and bounced on my birth ball. Chuck was napping so I wasn’t a completely psychotic, negligent parent! But, alas, NOTHING. The clary sage was diffusing in my house. The black cohosh had been consumed (which is grosser than castor oil, btw!) And I had done more walking in 48 hours than I had the rest of my pregnancy! Still, the contractions were painless and sporadic.

At Chuckles’ bedtime we cozied up in her chair for milkies just like always. I rocked and nursed her having no clue that this would be our last solo nurse-in. Because as I sat there rocking my sweet girl, those contractions finally started getting their act together! I laid her down about 8 pm, the same time I received a text from Hfoe saying he was on his way home from work. I called him and said he better get a bag ready when he got home because I thought we were going in! I called our besties who live next door to make sure Mama Jess could come stay with C. I got my things together, walked, took care of the dogs, walked, ate something, walked. By the time hubs got home, there really wasn’t much of a question. We were going to labor and delivery! When we got there, I was checked in and the nurse said I was about a 2 and my contractions were about 3-5 mins apart. I could walk the halls to see if things would progress naturally, I could go home or we could wait and see if the doctor would want to use medicine to progress things. I was not too excited about the idea of pitocin, especially since this time I had gotten to actually start labor on my own, but I definitely wasn’t going home without a baby just to come back in two days to get pitocin anyway! So, we walked….Have I mentioned I walked A LOT?! We walked the halls for an hour. Incidentally, one of my friends had just given birth to her sweet baby girl and was staying just a few rooms down, so we went to visit her. She is the quintessential “oils lady” and gave me some concoction to rub on my wrists and belly to speed things along. I think it worked! When we went to check back in with the nurse, I was at a 3. By this time it was 1 in the morning. I told Hubs it would probably take several more hours so he should go home and get a little sleep. He had been working all the previous day after all, and C would probably freak out if neither of us was home when she woke up. SO, he did.

I slept a little here and there and around 5:30 the nurse came in to check me again. I was only at a 3.5, but my water broke right before she examined me. I called Hfoe and told him he should probably come back to the hospital. He did. My labor coach was back just in time for the real business to start! He rubbed my back and held the sprayer on my belly as I moaned in the hot shower. It felt really nice, but it was getting my hair all wet and that annoyed me. Type A all the way, baby! Ha! So, my idea of the perfect labor in the shower wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. Back to plan B. My birth ball was my favorite tool during Chucks labor so I bounced and rolled and breathed on it again. It was just what I remembered, but the pain got pretty intense once I hit 5 cm. I looked at Hfoe, kind of asking for “permission” to get the epidural. He said the same thing he said the first time around, “You have already proven how strong you are. Don’t NOT get it to prove something.” So, I got it. It was 9 am when the juices started flowing (I was a 5), 9:20 when it finally kicked in (still a 5) and at 9:40 I told the nurse I felt pressure. She LAUGHED at me and said “yeah, ok. I will check you in a sec.” I said, “No, now!” She did. She wasn’t laughing anymore. “Don’t push! I have to get the doctor here!” Now, my hospital is 20 minutes from my doctor’s office. He RACED to get there. He ran into the room at 9:55, gloved up, surveyed the situation and said, “there’s a baby! Push!” I did…four times! Just like with C, Dr. N told me to put my hands down and pull out my baby. And at 9:59am on November 19, exactly a month after our pre-term labor incident and exactly nine months to the day after we lost Baby Blue, I got to help deliver my third child and lay him on my own chest like I did his sister. Seriously, AH-MAZ-ING! Because we didn’t know ahead of time whether we were having a boy or girl, Dr. N ask Hfoe if he wanted to tell me what it was. Just as he announced, “We have a SON!” I reached down to feel a completely different anatomy than what I was accustomed to! What a beautiful surprise. He scooted himself down my chest to nurse right away and his latch was perfect enough to leave any 3 month old envious.

It was seriously the easiest most enjoyable labor and delivery ever. I told Hfoe that we could have 15 kids if I could be assured their deliveries would all go like this one! He’s still processing that.

Thank you all for your prayers and blessings during an oftentimes, difficult pregnancy. The outcome is perfectly divine!

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalm 127:3image


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Mother’s Day and a message from Dr. Chuck

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that carries mixed emotions for many folks. While some are over the moon to celebrate their first of many special days as a mom themselves, others are grieving the losses of their own mothers, grandmothers, children who MADE them mothers or the babies who they never got to hold in their arms. Still others are praying for the 7 millionth time that THIS will be the year they get to be called mama. That was the case for my cousin, who, for as long as I can remember, always, always, always wanted a baby of her own. For 20 plus years she and her hubby struggled with infertility and baby loss and the horrible, wrenching pain that comes with knowing you have the heart of parents, but not the baby to fulfill the role.

Until this year! This year, in January, God picked THEM. They received the call that a birth mother wanted them to parent the sweet baby girl she would soon be bringing into the world. Can I just tell you what immense joy has surrounded my family at the arrival of baby Smiley. I can’t even describe the divine hand that was so apparent throughout the process, but I can tell you, that THIS was the most memorable of mother’s days for her. So, as my cousin was one of those children mourning the loss of her own mother on the day, this year the sting was accompanied by sheer happiness as she spent the day with her sweet baby girl.

Hers is a story of hope and as I held my own mixed emotions on Mother’s Day, I saw in my cousin’s story a huge motivation to choose joy. On Sunday, Hfoe took Chuckles and me to the beach after church. We decided on arrival it may have been just a little too windy and cool for bathing suits, but we did dip our toes in the water and chase a screaming Chuck as she darted away from waves. After our beach shenanigans, we decided to head to the marina, where, on a whim, I said I wanted to rent a paddle boat to putter along around the big boats and to see the sea lions up close. It was perfect. As we peddled peacefully around million dollar yachts, Hubs did the bulk of the work, C steered and I took a quiet moment to think about Blue. I know our baby blueberry made us parents of two nuggets and in my mind I celebrated that as we watched sea lions bark at lurkers nearby. I may never have gotten to hold her or hear her call me “mama.” She will never give me a scribbled Mother’s Day card from the nursery at church, but in my heart I know I will see her again and celebrate with her in Heaven. So, for my first Mother’s Day as both a mother to my most favorite runtly and a mother to one gone too soon, I smiled. I laughed with my honey and giggled at my sweet girl as she was so excited to steer the boat and “do it myself!”

After our paddle boat ride, we were famished! All I really cared about was getting some nourishment, but we took a walk to the end of the marina and chose an upstairs restaurant with a killer view and a 30 minute wait. At first, the wait time was a little daunting with our squirmy toddler, but when our “first available” seating preference yielded a prime spot on the patio overlooking the water…we knew we had scored! The kid was behaved, the fish and chips were delish and the scenery was perfect. All in all, the day was made really great by my handsome hunter-fisher-outdoorsman-extraordinaire. HE was, by far, the catch of the day! Ha! I had to throw out the cheesy obvious line! Oh, and I forgot to mention the AMAZING surprise of the morning! He had worked in cahoots with our photographer who had taken an impromptu photo of Chuck and me at her 2 year photo shoot. It wasn’t a shot I had purchased because it wasn’t in the budget, but I loved it. Well, he bought it! And on canvas, none-the-less. AND, he did it all without me having a clue WEEKS ago! Isn’t forethought the BEST gift ever! Sorry girls, he’s taken!

So, as we drove back home we talked about what this next year has in store for us. We have lots of big things coming up and we decided that maybe we should go ahead and let y’all know the biggest of things…right here. Well, we will let Chuck tell you.

She has a budding fascination with doctoring. I blame it on her talking Doc McStuffins stethoscope. There’s not much cuter than a two year old with a lisp asking to listen to your heart. Or in this case…


Dr. Chuckles confirms: Baby Brother or Sister to arrive on Turkey day.

That’s right folks! It has happened again and boy was that fast! I am already 12 weeks along and we have seen the heartbeat twice. We are feeling confident in this little bean and we are secure in the knowledge that only God knows His plans for our family. Soooo, prayers for stickiness are appreciated and cherished!

P.S. I wanted to take a second to say thank you to all of you for your support and prayers through what has been the hardest life event for our family. As we anticipate the arrival of this next gift, we celebrate the love that has surrounded us from even places and people we would never have thought to search. And, now, we choose JOY!

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