SinkBoss is the Boss


We travel often. I mean, Chuck had 27 flights under her belt by the age of two!¬†Hotels are our kids’ favorite destination…regardless of the destination! So, when I found SinkBoss, I knew instantly that it was a gadget for me!

When JoJo was admitted to CHLA for a week this summer, I found keeping her bottles and pump pieces clean was a real challenge. You would think that sanitary conditions would be easy to come by in a pediatric hospital. But, alas, I always found myself sharing a sink with our roommate or a nurse, washing hands post-procedure or God only knows what else! Not exceptionally welcoming for washing my medically fragile daughter’s food equipment!


  • At MommyCon last month, I was drawn to the SinkBoss booth. I knew instantly this little device could change the nicu/hospital/hotel experience for pumping and bottle feeding mamas! Basically, you are ascribing to the old adage by taking everything AND your kitchen sink with you…but without it being cumbersome! By lifting bottle and pump pieces up and out of the shared washing space of questionable cleanliness and giving everything a designated place to dry, you essentially avoid all the germs you were trying to wash off in the first place! And, it folds up to fit in a suitcase. How handy is that? Recently, I have seen some other creative ways to use Sinkboss highlighted on their Instagram. Check it out, all you mamas and not-mamas alike!



(I was provided a sinkboss free of charge in exchange for an honest review.)