Toddler ‘tude Thursday

SO, I had this epiphany a couple weeks ago….toddler life is mad hard, y’all. I mean, judging from some of the meltdowns that happen around this joint, you would think I have this kid in a labor camp, eating salt dough and moving rock, all while listening to screaming metal music. I never knew until Chuck came along that the simplest of requests could be met with such intense, emotion-driven responses. Well, I have been set straight and just to make myself feel better, I thought I would share some of the outrageous reasons Chuckles HASN’T chuckled this week.

1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Minnie’s Bowtique” episode ended. For the third time in a row.

2. Her noodles were too hot.

3. And then I blew on them to cool them off.

4. The dog wouldn’t sit for her as she chased her around the house shouting “SIIIIIIT!”

5. I said her shoes were pretty.

6. She wanted to swim in the “cool,” not the “pool.”

7. Her friend had to take a nap. Not her, her friend.

8. The sun went to bed.

9. The grapes she had to have at the grocery store weren’t blueberries.

10. She wanted to take a shower with me. I said yes.


The blocks won't clean up themselves.

The blocks won’t clean up themselves.


I get that the whirlwind of feelings swirling around in this tiny little body MUST be so hard to figure out and let me tell you…I KNOW the value of a hug! But, sometimes you just need to hear from other mamas that your kid isn’t the only little psycho in the ward, ya know?! So, please do share. What’s your toddler ‘tuding about today?

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