My 2 year old’s take on Oscar fashion

Watching the Academy Awards sure isn’t the same now that there is a toddler to contribute to the running commentary. After last night I am convinced she gives a more entertaining observation of the red carpet trends than any of the E! Insiders. When each star appeared on screen she would spontaneously shout out who she thought she was seeing. And it was hilarious. She may only have Disney as a reference but here is Chuck’s take…




Ok, the red hair. I get it.




I guess I could be offended she thought I look like a dude, but who am I kidding? Jared Leto is a really smokin’ chick, so thanks kid!

And the BEST one….

What? ‘Cause all bald guys look alike? 

Next year I’ll have her commentate on the Grammys. That should be really intriguing!


  1. Hilarious, this had me rolling! Especially the “Goopy” comment

  2. This is adorable and hilarious! GOPPY FTW.

  3. Love So her parents are Sam Jackson and Jared Nice.


  4. Hilarious! And if it helps at all, Jared Leto is pretty!

  5. LOL! I love it! Spot on Charlie!

  6. So funny!

  7. oh my goodness that is adorable! 🙂
    Love it. Kids say the best things.
    -Jessica @Thankfulforthorns

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