Baby Bloggy Bootcamp

This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.
What’s the last thing a woman who has just gone through a miscarriage wants to do? Why, go to an event for and attended by loads of pregnant chicks, of course! Well, that’s exactly what I did. After all, if you can’t join ’em…wait that’s not how that saying goes. I had made a commitment before we lost blueberry that I would attend the Baby Bloggy Bootcamp to learn some great info to launch my blog to a new level in the baby bloggersphere. Of course there was a giant draw because my all-time favorite baby brand, Ergobaby, would be there and I would get to shake hands and meet them in person. When I had the miscarriage, I considered not going. It had only been a week since I had stopped bleeding and the thought of smiling and meeting new, glowing pregnant mamas made my heart sad. And mad. And slightly, crazily awkward with the inappropriate “broken womb” jokes I tend to make.


Snacks were delicious and provided by the Bahia Resort in San Diego.

BUT, I am so, so, so, glad I didn’t listen to that sad, scared, awkward voice in my head. Someone close to me had said that sometimes what hurts us most, is also what helps to heal us. And boy was that true! I saw that my loss in no way affected how excited I was to meet new mamas and to learn helpful concepts in the baby bloggy world. It just made me more pumped to do BETTER at what I love…to write! Amy from shared her story about how she managed to write truth and depth into her normally funny blog when her family received a somewhat disheartening medical diagnosis for her son. That she, a well known, national blogger addressed this issue, gave me confidence that, although I try to stay on the lighter side of things here at Mommy Crunch, I can still be real and show my hurt side to you, too. I needed that message.
It was the storm of the century that day in SoCal! SugarWish treats made it a little sweeter!
I enjoyed learning about the new Ergobaby swaddler. Can’t wait to use this someday!
It also didn’t suck too much that we received an awesome swag bag for attending the event full of goodies from Liz Lange, Honest Company and ERGOBABY! Although I won’t be able to try out my adorable new maternity dress from Liz Lange or the awesome new swaddler and wrap from Ergobaby until God blesses us with another squishy, I can say that I super, double, overtime heart the Ergo 360 carrier we received! The wrap-around Velcro waist is a little different from their other carriers and takes a bit of a learning curve, but it does provide a little more back support once you get it adjusted just right. Chuckles loved the ability to face outward for short stretches….although, for me it’s now harder to hide from her my whip cream topped coffee drink that I KNOW she wants to taste! But, the fact that she gets to face the world makes this carrier an overall win! The Ergo 360 will be released sometime next month and you can be one of the first to hear about it by signing up for Ergo’s newsletter. Of course, Honest products are always awesome and because we still diaper C at night, we have really enjoyed the leak-proof, adorable prints they sent home with us!

Demonstrating the new Ergo wrap.
Thank you Honest, Liz Lange Maternity and Ergobaby!

All in all, this event was well worth my time and although I was a grieving mess going into it, I am incredibly glad I made the effort. I made some great connections with other mommy bloggers and I learned some great tips to take my site to the next level. Thank you Sway Group for having me!
Chuck enjoyed her new Ergo 360 carrier last weekend in Pismo Beach!
This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby.  Product was provided.

For “Blue”

It’s been a month today since I lost our baby. I decided I wanted her with me always, so now she is, on my wrist on the left side of my body, next to the veins that run to my heart. I have hurt so much this last few weeks, but I have also learned something. I have learned that an unbelievable number of the people close to me have gone through, are going through or will go through the loss of their baby. It’s an awful club to belong to, but I believe we need to talk about our lost babies. They deserve to be loved and remembered. Tell me about your baby. I want to hear from you.

Frozen for CHEAP

If you are a Disney freak like me, you have “Let it Go” running on repeat in your brain ALL. DAY. LONG. I mean seriously Idina, you have infiltrated my day dreams…and, well, who am I kidding? My night dreams, too! But, alas! You need not wait much longer! Disney’s Frozen releases on DVD and Blu Ray on March 18! Eeek! That’s a week from tomorrow!

For a limited time you can pre-order at the crazy price of $19.99 for the Frozen (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy)combo pack. That is like, half off the usual Amazon price. Also, the FrozenDVD alone is $14.99, also a killer deal! Plus, if amazon drops the price again before the release, you will receive it at that price because of their guarantee! So run, run, run and order now so it will be waiting on your doorstep before you know it!

My 2 year old’s take on Oscar fashion

Watching the Academy Awards sure isn’t the same now that there is a toddler to contribute to the running commentary. After last night I am convinced she gives a more entertaining observation of the red carpet trends than any of the E! Insiders. When each star appeared on screen she would spontaneously shout out who she thought she was seeing. And it was hilarious. She may only have Disney as a reference but here is Chuck’s take…




Ok, the red hair. I get it.




I guess I could be offended she thought I look like a dude, but who am I kidding? Jared Leto is a really smokin’ chick, so thanks kid!

And the BEST one….

What? ‘Cause all bald guys look alike? 

Next year I’ll have her commentate on the Grammys. That should be really intriguing!

Showing our #DisneySide for Chuck’s 2nd birthday party!

I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.
We did it! Today was our #DisneySide at home celebration party and Chuck had so much fun! Oh, who am I kidding? We ALL had so much fun! To celebrate C’s second birthday, we hosted 12 kiddos and 20 parents at what has lovingly been dubbed our “MickeySPLOSION!” Chuckles is a Mickey and Minnie fanatic and this party absolutely reflected that! Here are a few of my favorite things about this shin dig. Please take them and make them your own as you show off your own “Disney side!”
Decorations and Food
I put the favor table at our house entrance so the kids could grab their Mickey ears and get in the spirit right from the get-go. I ordered these absolutely adorable ears from Diane at LittleTreasure4U on etsy. Diane was dream to work with and her craftsmanship is excellent. I highly recommend this vendor if you are in the market for ANY Disney themed needs. She also does Hello Kitty and many other things as well. Exclusively for my readers, she is offering a 15% discount on your first order if you use code “cara15” in the coupon section!
I was able to snag some authentic Disneyland buttons last time we visited the park!
Our snack table was a blast to put together! I found some free printable table markers at and I was able to easily customize them for our chosen snacks. Chuck requested a few of her favorite things…berries, popcorn and mandarin oranges. (The other additions were for mama’s cravings!) We decided to forgo the cake for muffins since we were having a morning party and no one seemed to mind one bit.

I made the streamer garland from jute twine and .97 cent streamers from WalMart. They looked awesome!

This centerpiece was so easy and cheap to make! I used floral arranging foam shapes wrapped in black electric tape for the head, a skewer stick for the middle and a pot with a foam base inside for the bottom. I accented with white shredded paper and a bow from ribbon I already had. Easy peasy!
We had two games for the nuggets to play. One was a hit and one was a miss.
First up was toddler slide toilet paper bowling. All the kids LOVED this and couldn’t get enough. Since it was raining for our party (much needed and appreciated in SoCal!) we tailored the previously planned outdoor fun to be indoor friendly. For this game we brought in C’s toddler slide and used it as a ramp for the ball to roll down before toppling a stack of toilet paper rolls. At first the rolls weren’t falling over because they were the double rolls and TOO sturdy! Thanks to the quick thinking of one of the smarty dad’s in attendance we utilized some unused cups to create an unstable target. All the kids from the babies to the 4 year old enjoyed this game and it could have provided an hour of entertainment. BUT, we had muffins and presents to get to!

Game two was a variation on pin the tail on the donkey…Pin the “Tootles” on the Clubhouse. I had all the kids color a cutout Mickey head to look like the trusty Tootles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I had printed out a “clubhouse scene” I found on Google and taped to the wall. When the time came, we had each kid blindfolded, spun and headed in the general vicinity of the target….or so was the plan. In reality, most of the children in attendance were too young for this activity, but they still enjoyed coloring their Mickey heads. 
I think it is safe to say that Chuck had an excellent time showing her Disney side at her second birthday celebration. Oh, and boy do her friends know what she likes?! She received lots of gifts to keep the Disney party going even after the day was done! She is one happy girl tonight and She will definitely sleep well as she dreams of the happiest place on earth!


I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.