Hard Rock diaper laundry!

I just wanted to take a quick second to sing the praises of Rockin’ Green detergent. So, as you all know, C is doing so well with potty training. She doesn’t wear diapers anymore during the day, but she is still wearing her trusty Best Bottom covers or Bum Genius pockets for nap and at bedtime. With cloth diapers comes cloth diaper laundry…not as much as there use to be, but a load is still a load. So, now that she isn’t using as many diapers, we go more days between washes. This led to major stinkies in her beloved diapers and I was having a heck of a time getting it out. I tried so many different detergents and concoctions and everytime she would pee, the smell would come back! Enter Rockin’ Green!

I did an hour long soak in Rockin’ Green’s Hard Rock and then did my wash routine like normal. Voila! NO MORE STINK! And it stayed away through the naptime peepees! I promptly decided to rewash our whole stash, soaking first in this magic stuff! Needless to say, I totally recommend this detergent.

I am thinking my next laundry target will be Hfoe’s stinky hunting gear. Well, maybe not. I suppose he wouldn’t appreciate the lovely light watermelon scent when the wind shifts toward his prey!

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