Are you a Pirate?

Last night Hfoe and I had the opportunity to experience that rare and elusive of events. That night that only comes around so infrequently that we almost forget how to behave around each other. That thing that makes us feel like teenagers…albeit, very TIRED teenagers…but, teenagers none the less. We went ON A DATE! No kid, no fully packed diaper bag, no animated movie playing in the backseat…just two adults, holding hands, maybe kissing a little, playing 20 questions in the car. Even better was the fact that Chuckles was already peacefully asleep in her bed when my mommy friend came to watch the monitor for a few hours. Thank the Lord for mamas helping mamas out! If you haven’t swapped babysitting with one of your girlfriends, DO IT! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the most precious entity in your life is being cared for by someone else who has their own precious little entity and will love on yours just the same. But, I digress.

DATE NIGHT! So, for our big evening we decided to RSVP to a film screening event hosted by The Wrap for Captain Phillips.

In my former, pre-mommy life, I was a part of “the industry.” I was Hollyweird and I loved it! I also managed to work my tushy right into the Screen Actors Guild (before it was cheapened by the merger- WHOLE other rant) and because of this we had a little preferential treatment! It’s pretty cool to waltz to the front of the line and hand over that card I slaved for, while simultaneously looking awesome to my hubby! He had only been to a couple of industry events with me before we got married, so this “SAG” thing is still pretty rad to him! 

The view from the front of the line!

Once we had our tickets, we stepped inside the very full theatre…apparently every other guild member decided this was a good date night option as well, but they all arrived REALLY early ( no babies to put to bed, I presume!) So, though they were less than ideal, we did manage to find two seats together…on the second row. No biggie, right? This way we could REALLY feel the action, be a part of it! Try not to throw up as the movie set 99% on the water sways bigger than life right at our noses! And boy was there swaying! And action and emotion and unbelievably stirring performances! Tom Hanks was impeccable as Captain Phillips. The climactic scene in the end in which Hanks illustrates a master class in dramatic acting was a reminder of why this man, whether lending his voice to an animated cowboy or lending his sobs to a cinematic work of art, is always deserving of top billing. Another wrenching performance was given by the actor playing Muse, the captain of the Somali Pirates. This newcomer was both terrifying and thought provoking as he held his own against the veteran Hanks. 
This man’s name is Barkhad Abdi and he, along with director Paul Greengrass, were the guests for the Q&A after the film screening. What a treat to hear Mr. Abdi speak about his real life story of coming to America a Somali refugee on the visa lottery at the age 14. He spoke about how he was a Limo driver when he heard about auditions in Minneapolis for Somali actors and he knew he just had to try. Here is this man, who by all accounts had a million and one cards stacked against him from birth and now he is laughing about knocking Tom Hanks around with a machine gun. What an awesome country in which we live!
Things only started to get awkward when  Sharon Waxman, CEO/Editor-in-chief of The Wrap asked some uncomfortable, completely NOT ok questions of Mr. Abdi.  The obviously cringing audience audibly booed as Ms. Waxman dared to ask, “So, Barkhad, do you know anyone who is pirate back home in Somalia? Is any of your family involved in pirating? If you hadn’t come to the US, would YOU be a pirate?” WHAAAAT?! We just watched this dude pull off a stellar performance and THAT is the question you want to end with? Dis.Grace.Ful. Mr. Abdi handled himself wonderfully and went on to talk about the dire state of Somalia after the war, but declined to answer if he actually “knew any pirates.”
All in all the evening was so wonderfully enjoyable. Again, I felt like a part of the art community I have loved since I was a little girl, if only for a few hours, and my lover and I got a memorable night all our own.
When we pulled into the driveway we kissed once more before we went inside to our still peacefully sleeping daughter and our dear friend who protected her for us. Thank you, my Heavenly Father for a night like last night!

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