Poopied on the Potty!

Chuckles has mastered the art of stalling at bedtime. By needing to poop. Every time.

Backstory: We have been putting C on the potty to poop since she was 8 months old. That’s when I decided to use cloth diapers full time and, well, I HATE doing poop laundry. Sooo, on the potty she went. If you have never seen the tiny, red, grunting poop face of an infant on the potty, then you absolutely have NOT seen the cutest thing on this planet. I tried many times to capture the cuteness on my iphone camera, but unfortunately, 8 month olds require you to HOLD them on the potty, usually with both hands, rendering the awkward balancing of baby AND moment capturing nearly impossible. So, it will just have to remain burned in Hfoe’s and my memory in lieu of the memory card.

Chuck’s amazing potty pooping was particularly tricky and convenient while we were traveling through Europe in March. We maximized the few disposables we had to buy along the way because there were no poopsplosions. Plus, we had the added bonus of the funny looks from the Brits as we would hurriedly ask about a “loo” for our baby. It was fun!

When I first started cloth diapering, I had grand plans of having C completely potty trained by the end of this summer. She would just be turning 18 months in Sept. and I thought that was totally doable. It may be for some, but I enjoy outings to the library that don’t involve a wardrobe change for C, me and the car. We also had a set back at the beginning of July when C had to have a colonoscopy. For any adult that has had that rather UNenjoyable procedure done, you know that you pretty much test the limits of your own potty training with the prep beforehand. Therefore, I didn’t find it fair to introduce PT to her in the midst of all that fun! So, we are taking baby steps. She is actively interested in her little frog toilet and will usually go tinkle when I do…given that she has Disney junior to watch on the ipod of course. Usually, though, pee still ends up in her pretty little cow print Best Bottom shell.

But, poop is another story! My kid is getting it! Not only does she recognize now when she is going to go, she also tells me! And holds it until we get to the big person potty! I am so proud I could squeal. It is just unfortunate that this new found control over her bowels has given her the freedom to procrastinate when it comes to sleepy time. At this point I don’t know how to reprimand her for being a manipulative little turd and praise her for containing her elimination all at the same time. So, I am sticking to “yay’s” and “high five! You poopied on the potty.” remarks in between my scowls and huffs. She is probably so confused. Or pumped that her plan is working. I am betting on the latter because, well, Chuckles is a smarty!

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